BlackRock is one of the best excavation contractors in Orange County NY

No matter what type of construction is being completed in a given project, proper site work prior to construction is critical to a successful outcome.
When BlackRock Excavating is performing site work, you can be sure we are “diggin’ it right.” However, our excavating and construction site preparation services provide so much more than just digging and moving dirt around.
The planning, customization, and precision of our experienced operators gives us a competitive advantage to stand out among other site work excavators in the Hudson Valley.
From deep digging and excavation of large areas, to site preparation for a large commercial project, to earthmoving for municipal projects, BlackRock can handle it all. We’ve navigated jobsites with tight working conditions, difficult to reach areas, and difficult soils or grades.
Our experienced, knowledgeable excavation professionals paired with our fleet of high-performance equipment provide precise grading, efficient work, and strict adherence to timelines.


BlackRock’s site work capabilities also cover preparation, earth moving, and grading for roadways. If you’re in need of an excavator to clear land and prepare and condition the site for roadways, give us a call at 845-649-1882 or mail
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