BlackRock Excavating is the leader in sewer line repair for commercial or residential clients in Orange County NY and the surrounding areas.

BlackRock’s experts are available for emergency service, and as an excavating company, are able to reach damaged pipeline in need or replacement or repair in almost any situation. We are also one of the best sewer line replacement service provider in Orange County NY.

Sewer line problems can come from a number of sources. A pipeline may be broken, collapsed, or cracked from deterioration or corrosion. Shifting of the surrounding ground due to settling or freezing can cause the pipeline to offset or become bellied. Blockages from buildup or foreign objects may restrict or prevent proper flow.

We pride ourselves in expedient, efficient work done on time and with as little interruption to your home or business as possible. Our team has the skill to make recommendations to determine if repairs can be made, or if it’s more practical to install new equipment or sewer lines that will integrate seamlessly with your existing sewer system.
We understand how chaotic having the ground around you excavated can be; our goal is always to complete the job promptly and clean up so as little evidence of our work is left behind as possible.

Give us a call at845-649-1882or email if you’re in need of repair or installation of sewer line. We’re available for emergency service, as well, so call any time.

Camera Inspections

To avoid sewer line issues, a routine inspection of the main line can help to identify any potential or current problems early, thus saving expensive replacement or repair costs later. Even with new construction, a building may still be utilizing an older sewer line that has issues in need of remediation.

BlackRock utilizes state-of-the-art, modern equipment to provide the most accurate sewer line inspections available in the Hudson Valley. Our cameras, recording systems, and locating technology are some of the best available today.

Call us at 845-649-1882 or email to schedule an inspection with one of our technicians.
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