We are the best commercial and residential septic tank installation service provider in Orange County NY.

BlackRock Excavating is equipped to handle a range of septic tank repair services to both commercial and residential clients in Orange County and the Hudson Valley. For areas not connected to a community sewage system, we can provide new septic system installations in Orange County and the surrounding area, or we can upgrade or modernize an existing septic system in cases where older technology, such as steel septic tanks, are still in use.

BlackRock installs concrete, plastic, or fiberglass septic tanks from high-quality brands, in a variety of sizes ranging from 500 to 1,500 gallons, depending upon what is suitable for your home or business. An industry-standard septic tank installed by BlackRock Excavating will provide years of reliable service.

BlackRock and its team are a certified ROTH septic system installers in Orange County NY.

We are also able to increase the capacity of existing septic tank systems if needed, either through the installation of additional tanks, and/or extending leach lines.

All work we do is compliant with nationwide standards and codes, and the specifications for tank sizes and leach fields set by individual municipalities, as well as adhering to environmental standards.

From planning and design, to pulling the required permits, to execution and installation, you can be sure BlackRock will cover all aspects of your project for you. Give us a call at 845-649-1882 or email to get started on your project today.

Septic Tank Repair Orange County NY

Unfortunately, there are things that can go wrong with a commercial or residential septic tank. Broken baffles can cause the tank to get stopped up. The scum or sediment layer may be too thick. There may be an obstruction or a clog in the inlet or outlet pipe, or in the drain field.
Fortunately, the septic repair experts at BlackRock Excavating can determine the issue and handle the problem to ensure peak performance of your system. As an excavation company, we are uniquely capable of handling even the most major of septic repairs for homes and businesses throughout the Hudson Valley.

Our recommendations always represent the most cost-effective solutions to your problem, with a focus on high quality materials and local codes to ensure long-term success.

We are available for emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call BlackRock at 845-649-1882 at the first sign of an issue; early mitigation is the best way to prevent substantial damage and need for repair.

Leach Fields

Septic systems are designed to let gravity move wastewater from your inside your home to outside in the septic tank. After the septic tank does its job filtering out solid waste, the liquid is evacuated out of the tank and into the leach field, where it can be absorbed back into the ground safely.

As with tanks, leach fields can require repair or replacement. If the tank isn’t pumped often and well maintained, solid or unfiltered waste can seep into the leach field and cause clogs, an inability for wastewater to properly absorb, or other issues that can cause a rather unpleasant problem.

If you suspect an issue with your leach field, or if an inspection has revealed a problem, give BlackRock Excavating a call. Our septic specialists have the experience and expertise to repair or install a leach line to ensure your entire septic system is working properly and at maximum efficiency.

Septic System Inspections

If you’re buying a home, office, or commercial building in the Hudson Valley that utilizes a septic tank system, you’ll need to complete a septic system inspection to avoid the hassle that comes with a failing septic system.

Whether for a real estate transaction, or just piece of mind, BlackRock Excavating can complete an inspection and determine if your septic system is up to code and structurally sound, or whether it has been compromised, poorly maintained, or otherwise affected in a way that prevents it from functioning properly. We’ll provide a detailed report outlining our findings.

BlackRock can complete residential and commercial inspections of any size, even for clients such as campgrounds. Give us a call at 845-649-1882 to set up your inspection today.

Septic Tank Pumping

The best way to avoid problems with your septic system, septic tank, or leach field is, of course, regular maintenance. BlackRock is also able to provide septic tank pumping services for residential and commercial clients in the Hudson Valley. Call 845-649-1882 or email today to schedule efficient service at a reasonable cost.