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Water is an important part of the home, running through our sinks, dishwashers, showers, toilets, and washing machines.
It can also be extremely detrimental when left standing against your home’s foundation as a result of improper drainage, causing a number of problems that range from bad to worse, including:

You may have already noticed some symptoms of an improper drainage system – water standing in or flooding the yard after a storm, moisture seeping into the basement – which is a clear sign a drainage solution is needed.

BlackRock Excavating provides commercial and residential drainage solutions to clients in Orange County and throughout the Hudson Valley. As an excavating company, we are able to provide an all-in-one solution, including:


Experiencing a wet and soggy lawn? Continually have puddles of standing water around the yard?
BlackRock can install French drains (sometimes called curtain drains or trench drains), which are typically installed directly around the foundation of a residential or commercial building in order to prevent water from seeping beneath the structure’s foundation.

The drain is a slightly sloped trench, filled with pea gravel surrounding a perforated pipe that has been buried underground. The drains force or divert rainwater into storm sewers, or away from the building (as in the case with a sloping landscape), where it will not cause a problem. This helps to eliminate many foundation issues.

French drain installation can be a complicated process, and problems can arise if it is not done properly. Call or email BlackRock Excavating for a professional installation of a French drain system at 845-649-1882 or blackrockdigs@yahoo.com today, or if you suspect your current drainage system may not be properly diverting water.


Water can sometimes find its way into a basement from cracks in the foundation, leaking window wells, groundwater pressure, and improper drainage.
At BlackRock Excavating, we put our excavation and drainage experience to use, offering wet basement solutions that identify the issue and solve the problem, including drainage system installation and foundation waterproofing.
Call us at 845-649-1882 or email blackrockdigs@yahoo.com and we’ll be happy to discuss your problem and how we can solve it.
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