Doug is an amazing operator. He’s done multiple jobs for my company,  Go Green Express Home Services, replacing water and sewer lines, none of which have been cut and dry. Always some sort of hiccup when you dig up things which have been buried for years and years. They treat it like a new challenge and are excited to deal with the issue instead of running away like most companies would do. Would highly recommend them to anyone that need to have anything underground repaired or replaced. Plus, he works with an amazing plumber who can do it all!

Philip G.

Highland, NY

Blackrock Excavating just completed a big job at our house. Septic replacement and leech field. All done promptly and professionally! We’re extremely satisfied and highly recommend BlackRock for all of your septic/landscaping/plowing needs!

Maxine A.

Excellent job! Turned out to be a much bigger project than originally anticipated, but Doug was brave enough to give us the reality of our septic system. Two other contractors never even showed up to give us an estimate. Doug is prompt, VERY professional, and gets the job done right. Thank you Doug and BlackRock Excavating for everything you do!

Marilyn F.

Newburgh, NY

Doug plowed snow for our 7-home community in a VERY hilly area. He was reliable; always on time, and kept us 100 percent able to commute throughout the winter. I speak for our whole community when I say we highly recommend his services.

Robert W.

New Windsor, NY

I was feeling DONE with the in-ground pool in my backyard. Doug provided me an estimate to fill it in for half the price of his competitors. Everything was done within the exact time constraints and budget we discussed. There were no hidden costs. I highly recommend him for all things dirt-related.

Ken W.

Middletown, NY